Better Interface Design: Logins Menus Toggles And Other Fancy Modules


CodePen has become the playground for developers. The sandbox where you can build whatever your imagination fancies. Practical things, experimental concepts — it’s a treasure chest, bound to fuel your ideas.

Modal window breaking into parts as soon as a user closed the window.

For this Quick Tip, we have done some digging around and found some interesting UI demos and concepts for you to indulge in and build upon: dialog and modal windows, signup and login screens, navigation and menus, sliders and toggles. Small bits of delight that make the user’s interaction with a website or app more pleasant. Enjoy!

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Finally CSS In JavaScript! Meet CSSX


JavaScript is a wonderful language. It’s rich, it’s dynamic, and it’s so tightly coupled to the web nowadays. The concept of writing everything in JavaScript doesn’t sound so crazy anymore. First, we started writing our back end in JavaScript, and then Facebook introduced JSX, in which we mix HTML markup with JavaScript. Why not do the same for CSS?

Finally, CSS In JavaScript! Meet CSSX

Imagine a web componentdistributed as a single .js file and containing everything — markup, logic and styles. We would still have our basic style sheets, but the dynamic CSS would be a part of JavaScript. Now this is possible, and one way to achieve it is with CSSX. CSSX is a project that swallowed my spare time for a month. It was challenging and interesting, and it definitely pushed me to learn a lot of new stuff. The result is a set of tools that allows you to write vanilla CSS in JavaScript.

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CouchDB Sync

This modules provides an opinionated integration with CouchDB; allowing you to synchronise entities from Drupal into a CouchDB installation. The entities can then be quickly accessed (via the CouchDB API) by apps, decoupled front ends and and basically anything with a HTTP client. CouchDB API documentation can be found at

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